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We are an import and export company for wood products, such as wood pellets and wood chips. Sources of renewable energy, these inputs increasingly supply the industry segment and the premium segment (residential heating), thus contributing to sustainability.

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Wood Pellets

Biofuel from wood processing and forest cleaning residues.

A more economical biofuel than fossil fuels
A biofuel with high efficiency and energy efficiency, it contains a high
calorific value, close to 5 KWh/kg or 17.0 MJ/kg
An endogenous biofuel that values forest resources
An environmentally friendly biofuel
A sustainable and renewable biofuel
An easy biofuel to transport and store
A biofuel produced from clean raw material

Wood Pellets

The wood pellets market

Energy, in fact, moves our history of humanity. Muscular strength, fire, animal traction, the strength of wind and waterfalls, which were essential for the development of agriculture and livestock in the early days, even mineral coal and fossil fuels that marked the Industrial Revolution.

In 1972, the oil crisis was the trigger for countries to turn their attention and investments to renewable energy sources, including pellets. Since then, especially now with the worsening climate crisis, these resources have gained more and more space in government policies and consequently in industry. According to the Statistical Review of World Energy, the share of forest resources in energy generation has increased to 10.4%, surpassing nuclear energy for the first time.

Wood Pellets

The present points to a prosperous future. Canada and the United States have already become buyers of pellets and, in addition, Europe, for example, is aiming to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. According to the European Ecological Pact (COM(2019) 640 final), the most ambitious package of measures should enable European citizens and businesses to benefit from a sustainable transition.

At a time when we are required a bold response to contain environmental degradation, pellets and chips, in addition to the ecological benefits, also concentrate advantages in their use such as low humidity, little smoke and high yield, contributing to reduce the emission of CO² in the atmosphere and consequently global warming.

Who we are

From muscle strength to the fossil fuels that marked the Industrial Revolution, energy production has always redefined humanity’s course. With the evident need to find alternatives that reduce the environmental impact, and contribute to the speedy satisfaction of our clients, in the industrial and premium area, TreeTrading was born, a company dedicated to the import and export of wood products, mainly pellets and wood chips.

Our core mission is to push new directions, creating distribution chains so that renewable energy and the commercialization of biomass as a sustainable source of energy are increasingly accessible worldwide.

With this proposal for action, we understand the importance of work on a large scale. For this reason, we count on a supply capacity that accompanies the greatness of the market and foments the transformations of the present and the future.

Be welcome and follow us.

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The certificates we have earned demonstrate our commitment to the global market, the present and the future.

We are an SBP (Sustainable Biomass Program) Certificate Holder and our biomass comes with an SBP claim and is accompanied by verified energy and carbon data, from biomass producer to enduser, allowing carbon emissions calculations to be made. SBP is  recognised as compliant with international biomass sustainability requirements.

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Within the framework of responsible forest management we are FSC® certified (FSC® C170692), an international certification scheme that ensures that products from well-managed forests provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

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We are also certified under the GGL (Green Gold Label) certification programme for sustainable biomass. GGL is amongst the earliest biomass certification schemes and covers the complete supply chain from production, processing, transport to final use for bioenergy and biobased applications.

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